Monday, March 13, 2017


'Style is a reflection of who we are'

Have you ever wondered or thought abut what your own personal style is? Do you have a particular style, a trend or look that you always turn to when you cannot find what to wear? To me your personal style is wearing what you love and what you feel confident in. 

If you feel confident you stand taller and have faith in yourself ..... then you look and feel great.

Personal style can be an idea, a look, an attitude, an approach to life that is all your own. There are people n your life who have their own personal style that they confidently express to the world on a daily basis.

Style is our way of doing something different. Fashion inspiration is everywhere. It can be from cultural experiences, social interactions, watching movies, reading magazines, or just simply watching people. Be on the look out always and take note of what appeals to you.

A good way to express your style is to collate all your looks and styles together in your mind, create a collage with images from pinterest, magazines and blogs ....... any source that inspires you. Create a mood board / journal with all the inspiration you have collated to look back on for those days when you have no clue.

Group your images by style. What appeals to in each image? Is it the colour or neutral tones, The stripes or floral print? Skirts or pants? Maxi dresses or shorter styles?  Take note to pinpoint what interests you the most.

I have a pinterest board where I collate all the styles I love.

Experiment and please do not be afraid to try something new and embrace your style everyday.

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