Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Being well dressed and feeling confident and comfortable are key to your style perfection. I love walking the shopping centres or perusing pinterest for co-ordinating and styling my day. In valuable styling awaits all you have to do is take notice and think how you can co-ordinate a look that is just your own with ideas from others. 

No matter what your age you can always look stylish and presentable. I have always taught my daughters to look their best and wear what they like as they are about to walk out the door. It does not take much to think about what you are going to wear and that you feel and look great in. A compliment always goes a long way.

Why not BREAK THE RULES - do not let anyone stop you from dressing how you would like, no matter your age. Set your own rule and think outside the square, if you love something wear it!

JACKETS complete a look and are an essential in any wardrobe. How you style your jacket is important. A jacket just seems to add that 'Je Ne Sais Quoi' to complete an outfit. A black sequinned jacket or blazer with a simple white tee and skinny jeans - simple style perfection. 

Wear COLOUR. You can build your wardrobe with many neutrals with pops of colour. A jacket, shoes, scarves can all add those subtle pops of colour to accentuate your style. Add a touch of you.

Feel the QUALITY and if you love the texture purchase it. Finding a few quality pieces to co- ordinate with cheaper basics collate styles I love. Sometimes items can look great from a distance but as soon as you get close and feel the fabric, it can feel horrid. You do not aways need to stick to the high priced items like silks and cottons as some manmade fabrics can be just as luxurious. I t all comes down to purchasing the right product for you.

Add your FINISHING TOUCH with accessories that you love. Do not be afraid or feel challenged to buy a show stopping piece that you just have to have. At the moment I have a cubic zirconia diamond ring that I just love wearing along with my Pandora bangle and charm bracelet. I also love pearls.

It is important to have the RIGHT ATTITUDE and do not be a fashion victim. Put a little thought into your everyday and BE CONFIDENT in what you wear.

Lets start sharing our mum style with the hashtag #mumstyle101

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