Wednesday, January 18, 2017


It can be a little daunting after becoming a new mother, the euphoric love that you have is amazing, fresh and new. This new love of your life is yours to nurture and nourish always and forever. It can be hard to make a little time that much needed time for you. Time for you does not mean taking time away form this little blessing you have it can be as simple as that amazing first cup of coffee in the morning, while the little bundle is napping or happy just sitting where you can be seen or even buying yourself a little treat to enjoy.

As the days flow into months and years you can lose your - sense of self - the person you were before becoming a mother. It is important to realise that you are still you with an added responsibility.

Some mother's sail through the pregnancy and motherhood with an abundant glow. But this is not the case for everyone, the road ahead can be hard and tormenting on the body and mind and you lack time for yourself. 

I loved the whole pregnancy and mother scenario and I still do. I just love being a mother. It has bought me so much joy and happiness with a special love I have never known before and unexplainable.

It is important to find a balance from motherhood and take the time to find yourself and focus on your needs and wants. Take the time, as little as 20 minutes a day to refresh and revive. Take a walk with your little person show them the sights and enjoy breathing all that fresh air good for you and good for your children.

Add a little BB cream and mascara to perfect your glow and feel wonderful.

Face the fact your body has changed. Embrace the change you have grown and nurtured a little being. Learn to love those stretch marks and a little belly. 

Dress up. Wear your favourite clothes. A dress. A skirt and top. Shorts and shirt. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to get yourself dresses ..... make the time to do so ..... getting dressed and feeling wonderful can set the mood for your whole day.

Go shopping and buy yourself a new outfit, a new fragrance ...... something new to signify birth. A candle with a fragrance you love. A little retail therapy can do wonders for the soul and confidence.

Finding your signature style can be hard at any age as a mother, so follow me here as i showcase weekly styles for you to consider to place your stylish self forward everyday.

Lets start sharing our mum style with the hashtag #mumstyle101

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