Wednesday, January 4, 2017


2017 - words are powerful, time is important, life should be valued, kindness is always necessary. Most of everybody should know and understand the 'you are enough today and everyday'.

We we have fifty two weeks unwritten, twelve months to live on purpose, three hundred and sixty five sunrises to start over - Emma Kate

Resolutions are not the way for me. I will be concentrating on my day and absorbing all the all the good that I have and being thankful. I often find myself at specific times throughout the day where I am consciously thinking about what i am thankful for. 

I do this silently to myself often. G R A T I T U D E is a word that I will be highlighting in my world this year. Being thankful and happy are the best way to be everyday, if possible. It is possible to find something good in everyday ........ even the bad ones.

Another thing I will be striving this year is S A V I N G. This is a huge feat for me as I am not a saver and I have never been one. They say it takes 30 days to make a change to your habits. I am a little down on myself for not saving anything last year I just spent and spent all the time once all my bills were paid.

There are a few ways that I started saving today -

♡ Saving all my coins by placing them in a place I know I will forget about. In the world of cards it makes saving a life harder as we tap and go. 

♡ I plan on consciously taking out $100.00 cash a week/fortnight for food and incidentals - when working for lunch, coffee etc. It is probably a lot to start with but that will include snacks and magazines for the week/fortnight.  Let's see how this works. I will keep you updated. 

♡ Taking cash out will encourage me to save my coins and I am also thinking of saving $5 notes as well to build my savings.

♡ Working in retail for an Australian label keeps me on trend with quality stylish fashion so I am finding that I need to shop for fashion in other stores less often. More dollars saved as long as I do not over spend on un-necessary items for work.

♡ I read somewhere that was lightbulb moment for me which I will try to partake in every payday and that is split your wages in three ways.

50% committed expenses 

30% discretionary spending

20% savings

I will try to stick to this every 2 weeks. 

This is a plan in progress so I will keep you up to date with how I am progressing. 

I would love to know if you have any tips on how you save those precious dollars.

How do you save on  a limited budget/wage?

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