Monday, January 16, 2017


I myself would like to simplify the everyday in my life and de-clutter my home - which will happen soon enough. But simplifying the tasks on hand everyday can be a challenge when life throws you curve balls. 

Looking forward I have had to prioritise my tasks at hand. I would like to share a few tips on how I try to make my life simpler. 

- Implement a basic cleaning schedule by doing small tasks during the week in the morning and after dinner. I have achieved all the small tasks in the morning before leaving for the day and leaving the major ones like vacuuming and mopping for the weekend.

- Resign from something you are not passionate about. I enrolled last year to complete Certificate in Teaching Support which I have not been active in for a few weeks and have the feeling that it is not for me.

- Stop trying to be perfect at every little thing and concentrate on doing a good job always.

- Clean out your wallet. I have just purchased a new Oroton wallet and de-cluttered throwing out all the unnecessary items, receipts etc. I have loads of cards as i am sure most of you do as well. I have a separate card purse and only keep my main cards in my purse. I also have a separate purse for my coins as to not over bulk my wallet.

- Sort out your wardrobe - I will go into further detail in another blog post, as this can take time.

- Delete and unsubscribe to any social networking accounts or emails that no longer interest or appeal to you.

- Start your day with a healthy meal. I try to never leave the house without something healthy in my belly and encourage my daughters to do the same.

- Set one goal and do not stop until you have achieve it.

- If you are, like me, and awake during the night with a hundred ideas floating around in your head, have a pen and paper nearby to write them down or type them in your note of your phone to relieve your mind space.

- Try and make time for yourself and do something fun for yourself once in awhile. I have been wanting to go to the movies over the last few weeks but have not made time as of other prior commitments - hopefully next week. 

- Rediscover the joy of engaging yourself in a novel and make the time to do so. I try and do this at bedtime by going to bed a little earlier, but sometimes technology takes over and the reading is put on the back burner.

- Learn to ask for help when needed and required - there are times when you just cannot do it all and there is no harm in asking for some assistance.

- Most of all never be discouraged - try - make mistakes - learn from them - laugh about them and move on. 

Are there any tips you can add that you use to simplify the everyday?

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