Monday, December 12, 2016


Over the weekend I was reading, Lisa's blog 'The Art of Joy'. I was reading and reading and came across her 'keeping it real' post which got me thinking that this is something I would like to do on a regular basis.  A little cleansing for the heart and soul, by placing our thoughts and feelings to be read and shared with others.

So here goes me being truthful to myself about my life at this time -

♡ Firstly me start by saying that I am blessed and grateful for my everyday. I am happy and joyful with all that I have in my life......I am one lucky mother, step mother, aunty, godmother, friend, sister, daughter and grandmother to have precious and caring people in my life.

♡ I am struggling a little inside with constant thoughts and feelings of a colleague not liking me at work. I often take a step back and think I could be wrong but there are little things I notice the hurt a little but I try not to overthink it as I like to get along with everybody and we all know there are little quirks about everybody that annoy us but we keep control for the benefit of getting along and keeping the peace.

♡ Both my daughters and I suffer from a little anxiety like I am feeling right now as I will be attending a close friends Kitchen Tea in a few hours. Although I am ready to mingle I am feeling a little apprehensive as I do when going into a room where I do not know everybody. I am also thinking of this as an ice breaker for the upcoming hens day/night and of course the wedding.

♡ It feels a little weird when I say 'my ex'. I never thought I would say this ever, It has been 5 years since my partner of over 20 years met someone else and moved out of our family home. We are amicable. I want you to know something that has been killing me inside and that is the fact that he no longer really spends quality time with our girls (21+18). We tend to always have Friday night take away. But that is it. Do not get me wrong he is a great father and .... again...... I may be overthinking this but it does really get to me.

♡ I am single and happy for the time being to be that way. I am enjoying being a mother to my beautiful daughters everyday. Although they are older and being there gorgeous independent selves I am so happy to be their mother and love them to infinity and beyond. They are my world and they always will be.

I am sharing and opening up to my readership on a very personal level and although  I am finding it a little challenging adding all this here but I know there are people out there who are dealing with the same thoughts. 

Are you feeling any of the same thoughts as I am?

Do you have something to share?

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