Saturday, December 31, 2016


This was my post early last year.

As the years crossed over on the 31st December, 2015 to January 1st, 2016 I did not make any New Years Resolutions, I just plan to be the happiest I can be. Loving and cherishing time with family, friends and hopefully make new life long buddies to build a new path with. I plan on making the most of every moment loving and cherishing the time I spend with others, especially my daughter, making and creating new memories for the brain bank.

As I have started working family and friends have stated that I am more confident and I am so much happier than they have seen me for a while. I felt for the last few months of 2015 there was something missing and that was working with others. I wanted a casual position where I could style and appreciate fashion a little more than I already did. I was lucky enough to gain employment within an Australian brand I know and love so well. While looking for a casual position, I felt confident every interview only to be told that I did not get the position or hear nothing. I was struggling. This bought me down and for awhile I was just functioning while continuing to look for employment. 

One night I woke with a pain in my chest and I wrote down my thoughts and where I really wanted to be ...... a few weeks alter I was interviewed and offered the position I currently hold. To be honest, after so many rejections I was in shock. 

This year I plan to -

1. Enjoy all the moments
Absorbing and relishing in each and every moment that come my way. There is a time in your everyday that is special, whether it as simple as taking the time to read, a coffee alone or with another. Little moments to be enjoyed. Taking notice of that moment and taking a snapshot. I like to add an image of my little sparkle time on instagram, diarising a photo album of history that has been created by you. Please feel free to join in by adding #alittlesparkletime to your pic. Making time for you a few minutes a day.

2. Relaxing 
Taking the time to really relish the time to relax and just be. Taking the time to relax with friends or alone. It super important to refuel by following the signs your body offers. Your body knows what you need so eat healthy and look after YOU.

3. Surrounding myself with the right people
We all have times of feeling down and need a boost with another who brings us up and makes us feel that we are loved and appreciated. There is nothing better than being praised and thanked for all that you do or have done. You are here to share your greatness with the world. You are great. We are all great and we need to let that bloom without all those negative ones bringing us down. I plan on surrounding myself with those who make me feel good about myself and all that I do. There is nothing better than others seeing a positive and sharing that with you, especially when you do not see this yourself.

4. Making new friends
I do not have many friends, I have a few close ones and acquaintances. I would love to expand and get to know new faces. I have started with my new colleagues at work. We plan to get together soon. I am excited as to what this year will bring my way. Accepting differences and learning from each other.

5. Offering kindness
Kindness is one of the those things that is free and should be offered everyday. I plan to share a little kindness everyday where I can.

6. Having the right attitude
We are faced with many ups and downs within our lives and having the right attitude to these circumstances is so important. Yes we can vent and overshare on social media, but as certain circumstances have come my way I prefer to let these lay for awhile before reacting. It can be easy when in a situation that makes your blood boil to react and fly off the handle. I am not super human and I do react to certain situations where I should not have. Choose your battles and then react with aplomb and dignity.


2016 was a happy year with a few challenges and loads of happy moments. We also had a few milestones with daughter's turning 21 and 18 and the end of my 'school mum' status.

2017 I plane to be 'G R A T E F U L' everyday for all that I have. 

Do you have a word that will be your word for 2017?

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