Tuesday, November 15, 2016


A few weeks ago I played plumber and unblocked the drains cleaned out my bathroom cupboards, which I have been visualising doing for the last few months. Psyching myself up to do it. I finally tackled this job as both drains were blocked and I could not cope anymore so I took the plunge and got the job done which extended to cleaning out the cupboards.

I have always kept most or all of the contents of my bathroom cabinets in boxes or cosmetic bags. This makes it easier to find incidentals with larger items sitting free.

I have my makeup stored in 3-4 cosmetic bags. 

+ moisturisers that I apply morning and night.

+ foundations , concealers , primer

+ pencils , lip liners , mascaras

+ make up brushes , palettes + miscellaneous items 

I have boxes to store all the bits in to keep and maintain order in the cabinets. I also have a toiletry bag to keep tampons in for ease when the friendly monthlies arrive. 

Please also understand that they are not always this neat and orderly. As things tend to get moved around. 

+ + Something else I would like to share is that I keep a pair of pantyhose in the bathroom for wiping soap scum off the shower walls.

Do you have any hacks you would like to add for storage in your bathroom?

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