Friday, November 18, 2016


I am an over thinker and some times that can leave me a little worse for wear. I have been feeling overwhelmed recently which got me thinking in how do I get my self out of the these down in the dump moments. 

Acknowledge how you are feeling it is super important to look deep and understand that you are feeling this way for a reason. Look back through the hours days or even weeks before to try and pinpoint the WHY? Think of all the things that make you happy and look forward to what is a head that you look forward too. 

Do things that make you happy once you have realised the WHY try and find or do something that makes you happy. 

Do something completely different Move about and do something that you do not ordinarily do during your day. Paint your nails. Flick through a magazine. Sit outdoors. Remove yourself from thinking too hard and do something to lighten up a little.

Read Take yourself off into another world and read a magazine, a book, a blog or do some research on the net on a topic that interests you or would like to learn more about. 

Make your favourite beverage STOP what you are doing and make a drink that you enjoy. Take yourself out to sit and watch the world go by at your favourite coffee shop.

Bake I love baking, especially baking little treats for my family and friends. Baking is therapeutic and will help take your mind into direction mode. 

Watch something that makes you smile or laugh Friends is a favourite series of mine that I like to watch, as well as the Gilmore Girls. I thank Netflix for showcasing series like Suits that I can prop up next to me on my iPad while I blog and type away. Keep the shows up lifting and happy.

Play your favourite music LOUD and dance around. Just make sure the songs make you happy and do not take you into sadness mode.

Realise that you will feel better soon These situations can be short lived. So focus on what is ahead to help get you through.

Let the tears flow Emotions are high and the build up is tense so talk or think it out and let the tears flow.                                                                           

Get out and about I never want to leave my space when I am down, but sometimes getting changed into your sports gear and going for a walk, in the fresh air listening to your favourite happy songs can be the uplift that you need and crave. Go for a gentle bike ride and feel the air floating around you realising that life is abundant and there for the taking.

How do you get yourself happy after feeling down?

Which tip resonates with you the most?

Wishing you all a H A P P Y and splendiferous week ahead.

V x

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