Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I have a confession to make. I love coffee! Do I drink too much? Hmm maybe..... but I do not think so. I have had a discussion with a few of my colleagues lately about coffee and a few may say I drink too much. But i ask you how much is too much?

I have a nespresso machine which I do not think I can live without. I love my coffee and I love my nespresso machine. I have one cup upon waking and then another cup before breakfast. I arrive for work earlier just so I can sit and indulge in a lovely cup of coffee before my work day starts. I may have 4-5 cups of coffee a day. 

A number of years ago I stopped drinking coffee after 5 and lately I have declared to have my last cup no later than 2 or 3. If I feel the need for a hot drink I will choose decaffeinated.  I have not noticed any difference with the cut back and I am sleeping well although I do still wake at least once of an evening. I think that this is just me and not the caffeine indulgence. We will see how I go with stopping at 2 or 3 with my sleeping patterns.

Coffee is my indulgence - a time out to sit rest and recuperate. A buzz that can sometimes be the essential boost needed to get me through the day.

Have you culled your caffeine intake? 

Was it beneficial for you?

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