Thursday, October 13, 2016


The time has come as the HSC starts today. My youngest will be sitting this year and boy I hope everyone copes well. I have little bum[s all over as i am typing this. Miss B suffers with anxiety and really places too much pressure on herself, as i am sure most of us do. It will be a tough few weeks in this household.

I have been through this stage many times with my eldest daughter and my step children. I would like to share how we cope whether you are the one sitting the HSC or the nervous parent worrying about how everyone will cope. This time is stressful for all but nothing more than the one sitting the exams. It is important that your household remains as stress free as possible. 

Students should  -

+ be realistic with your study plans - prepare and set goals for a step by step process

+ take breaks - head outside, go for a walk anything to step away from the books for 10 minutes

+  make time for time out relaxing doing what you love

+ drink plenty of water and eat healthy

+ stay as calm as possible during the exam try not to waste time over questions you do not know

+ take deep breaths - breathing is super important keeping the mind and body calm

+ if you are having trouble sleeping go add some lavender to your surroundings

+ most of all think positive and do your best

Parents can help by -

+ not being too demanding about household duties - allow them to focus on themselves

+ encourage healthy eating and regular meal times

+  do not allow them to stay up to late, encourage a regular bedtime and a curfew if they are out

+ make sure they keep their books and study notes in order so they know where it all is so they do not stress

+ encourage positive thoughts and offer solutions if they ask for advice

Good luck to all !

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