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Every year parents are wanting to know when and what age it is appropriate to start certain aspects of a beauty regime for themselves. As a mother of two teenage daughters and going through certain stages with my step children when they were younger there is no general rule of thumb as to when they should start.

Through primary school I would say it can be all plain sailing on the beauty front, until years 5 + 6 when the girls hit 11 - 13 years of age then they begin to look at themselves differently. Puberty hits and they see and want to change certain aspects of themselves - like shaving their legs. My rule of thumb was that if they asked or we were discussing certain topics then there was a further discussion on as to why they wanted to shave their legs. 

If the children are asking  then I feel it appropriate to allow them to start with a few tips on how to. Both my daughters and myself shave instead of waxing as we are not overly hairy. But if they asked then we would be off to a salon for them to try waxing - but that not would be until high school. Some children are hairy and it is a major concern to themselves and then this needs to addressed to access their needs and wants to keep them happy through the tumultuous teenage years.

Quick tips to help get you through -

+ If they are asking then they need you sit and discuss the issue with them.

+ Ask them questions as to why the need to shave their legs 

+ I have always suggested to my girls to shave from just above the knee down as the top of the legs, as they are really fair and the leg hairs at the top do not tend to get any darker as you get older.

Everyone is different and have there own thoughts and feelings about the beauty regime. Talk to your children and work on that decision together with both sides having their say and feelings considered. There are no hard rules to stick follow. Follow your instincts and make a judgement as to yes they are ready or no they are not.

A few tips on shaving your legs -

+ The best time to shave is in the shower you have the free running water.

+ Wait a few moments so hair softens for a closer shave.

+ We use sorbolene instead of soap or shaving cream as it is a gentle cleanser with no chemicals.

+ Replace blades or razors often, say after 5-10 uses. When blades are blunt there is more chance of cuts.

+ Do not shave dry - always have running water and a cream

Join me next week as we discuss MAKE-UP.

Do you have any tips or rules that you could share?

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