Thursday, September 29, 2016


A number of years ago I decided to wear what I felt like and dressed up (with in reason) even if I was not stepping out of the house. I had made a pact with myself to always feel good and be happy in what I was wearing and if I did not feel right I would walk upstairs back to my closet and change until I felt happy. I tend to get a little frustrated with myself if I do not feel happy within myself so I have learned to follow my gut and change the situation no matter what.

Do you ever take the time for yourself and thought into what you wear and adjust accordingly so you feel great? 

Take the time to always put your best self forward and present yourself exactly the way you want. In turn you will feel better and happier each little thing that you do will make a difference for a brighter day.

Do not leave that special new item collecting dust waiting for that special occasion, wear it out to lunch or dinner. 

Wear what you love and wear it well. Wear your favourite piece and feel your confidence rise and your day will improve as well. 

Add a special little clutch or bag that just sits stored in your closet.

Add a neck scarf, blanket scarf or poncho to jazz up your look.

Add your favourite piece or two or three of jewellery. I wear my jewellery and a statement necklace no matter what I am doing. Jewellery just seems to add a little finesse to your look. whether casual, corporate or dressed up for a special occasion.

Tuck a simple t-shirt into your favourite full skirt. Or a shirt into a pencil skirt for a point of difference or to give a more casual feel to your look.

Wear your favourite sweater over a favourite summer dress.

# if you would like to book a styling session please do not hesitate to contact me.

How do you amp up your style?

Do you add a little sparkle to your day?

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