Monday, August 22, 2016


A number of years ago I woke up at 5am feeling quite overwhelmed with certain situations in my life. I woke up thinking of certain issues that were upsetting me and whereI am heading and where I want to be. Little things escalated as I hit rock bottom and I was struggling to keep my emotions in check. There were tears and gut wrenching sadness. This happens from time to time as I have let my thoughts go and then all of a sudden WHAM! they hit me like a tonne of bricks. By the end of the day I am feeling better and this is how I pull myself through.

How I get through my day when I am feeling overwhelmed -

1. Cry it out - Just let it go and cry all those emotions away

2. Have a shower and refresh. Tears flow better in the shower!

3. Get dressed and take the time to look your best. Put on that item that has been sitting in your closet which you are saving for a special occasion.

4. Do your hair and make up. Pop on some lippy and take a look at your gorgeous self. It may take a while to acknowledge yourself but when it happens you will feel better.

5. Think out loud and with each negative thought retrain your thinking and think positively. Think of what makes you happy and let the happiness take over.

6. Send nice words to those you cherish or those who have contributed to the way you are feeling. Disagreements are healthy, but if you are anything like me guilt hangs on tight and it takes awhile to let it go. Apologise as soon as you can. 

7. No matter how hard the obstacles are, break them down and keep moving to reach for that goal of where you want to be. Even if it is a step a day - take those steps to your very own success.

Remember tomorrow is a new day, always time to start fresh and on a happier note.

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