Monday, June 13, 2016


When I first went back to work after a long hiatus of being at home for my girls and running my blog and small business I was exhausted.  I  mean totally and utterly exhausted. It is hard work .... working as a retail stylist. Running around helping customer/clients with sizes/shoes etc. Also being in the centre of Sydney in a building with 3 floors to navigate walking fast up and down stairs is quite an effort especially when you spend most of your time sitting at a desk. 

I am happy that I am working and running around. staying fit. I even choose to take the stairs 97% of the time to improve my health and fitness. But it was a struggle at first. My feet were killing me .... finding the right shoes is of utter most importance. Comfort is key for our poor feet.

There are times where working long hours in all jobs can take its toll on you. So I feel it is super important to just be. I have brought my girls up with the thought that if your body says rest .... r e s t .... This is the best thing to do for your wellbeing and eating right with loads of healthy vegetables, grains and seeds.

On my days off .... I listen to my body. In those first few weeks/months all I chose to do was rest, watch Netflix and blog when I could with a little side of housework. I am finding my rhythm now and making more time to get it all done. 

Over the last few weeks I have been sick and to be honest I never had a clue. I had a cough, which I thought was asthma but my regular medication was not working so I took myself off to the doctor .... where I was diagnosed with Type A pneumonia also known as walking pneumonia .... where you feel great but have a nagging cough. I was placed on 2 courses of antibiotics to feel a little relief to go back to the doctors a few days later to have stronger asthma medication and medication. I had to take a do off work.... I was not happy about that ..... but I know my body and mind will thank me for it.

Anyway that is a little history about myself lately .... lets get on with my top 5 ways to make your time off valuable for you and your health...

O N E - Relax..... just be..... do nothing...put your feet up and watch a favourite movie or series. Read a book/magazine.

T W O - Bake I really enjoy cooking and I miss making dinner some nights so I prepare and cook a few recipes for the freezer to be reheated later on when required. Quiche . Lasagne . Vegetable Rolls . A bolognese sauce are a few favourites here. 

T H R E E - Meet family and or friends for a catch up coffee, brunch or lunch. Go out to a favourite cafe to chat,  refresh and connect.

F O U R - Multitask to try and get things done to help clear your mind for a restful afternoon/weekend. I spray the shower straight after I get out. I have a old stocking to wipe down when next in the shower. Pantyhose is the best for removing soap scum.  

F I V E - Prepare yourself for the next work day then all you have to do is get and out the door.

Is there anything that you would like to add ?

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