Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I have a little beauty secret!

Today I noticed that one of my favourite beauty blogger Chloe Morello shaves her face. You can watch her tricks and tips for emergency skin fixes here.

I have been a little apprehensive to share with you and that is ......... that I no longer get my top lip waxed or threaded as I choose to shave. It is easier and more convenient. I just smooth my top lip by removing the growth with my razor when I shower. I was really hesitant at first as I was worried that the hairs will grow back thicker and darker ....... but the do not. I am super happy with the outcome as i was plucking out a few stray dark thick hairs which used to leave me with pimples or tiny cuts to the skin. Shaving is the best and super convenient leaving my skin sooth and blemish free.

I have also passed on this beauty tip to my daughters for the upper lip.

I do not think I could go as fas as shaving my whole face and will just keep to the top and sides of my lips for now.

Do you or have you ever thught about shaving your face? 

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