Friday, April 15, 2016


Happy FRIDAY to you all. I hope your week had a little time for relaxing and not too rushed. I am on a mission and I would love you to follow along the new journey I would like us all to share through social media with the hashtag #alittlesparkletime. This is a task and a time out for you, even if it is only 10 minutes. Time for yourself is super important and makes for a healthier and happier you. 

It can be the little things that make all the difference. I would like to start a challenge over on instagram where you upload a photo of what you do or have done to make time for yourself.

Lets start with a 7 day challenge to get you all started.

MONDAY - Time to read something you enjoy reading. A magazine. A blog or a few. A book. A newspaper.

TUESDAY - There is nothing like a hot drink to start your day or for a quiet finish to the day. I love my coffee and my first cup in the morning this is the most important for me. 

WEDNESDAY - Beauty - Take the time to moisturise add a little lipstick/gloss/balm. A touch of mascara to open up your eyes and that beautiful smile we all have. There is nothing more beautiful than a smile.

THURSDAY - Wear a colour you love today. Pop on a vibrant scarf or necklace that you love and you will boost your confidence ten fold.

FRIDAY - something sparkling. A glass of champagne or sparkling water. Pops of fizz will have you bursting with happy thoughts.

SATURDAY - Find an affirmation that you love and believe in it. Say it out loud. Share it. Print it out/screen shot it and save it, so it is there as you first look at your phone/iPad/ desktop.

SUNDAY - Take yourself and or your loved ones out for a long Sunday brunch and snap a photo to share.

This is all about making time for you and savouring the moment you have of peaceful bliss just for you. A little sparkle time can be anything you love to do that makes you feel happy and content. Just savour the moment and snap a pic with the hashtag #alittlesparkletime.

Will you be taking part in a little time to sparkle?

I look forward to seeing you take #alittlesparkletime with your photos

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