Wednesday, March 30, 2016


This tuck has to be one of the most flattering for all shapes and sizes, especially if you have a little tummy and booty action going on, like myself. I find the front tuck super slimming and stylishly chic.

Shirts have a longer line this season, so why not do the front tuck. I love the flattering silhouette this style portrays. I choose to wear my shirts like this often as I feel and look slimmer with the shirt tucked in at the front and left long at the back. 

You can do this tuck with loose any top/shirt that you choose to wear. The most flattering is with a soft fabric that you can flounce once tucked.

1. Tuck the shirt in the front and smooth as tucking in around the waist so there is no added bulk.

2. Tuck across the front and loosen at the sides to style and adjust the look you like. You can tuck all the way across the front or you can choose to tuck in the centre and loosen more at the sides. 

*above I have tucked smoothly across the front leaving the rest to hang across the back.

3. Once tucked loosen/flounce to style personally just the way you prefer the look to suit your personal look.

Do you wear the front tuck? 

Do you have ant tips to share?

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