Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I have quite an extensive commute to work, which I sincerely do not mind in the slightest. I make this my time to relax and unwind before and after work. There are a number of apps that I use daily for the smooth running of my day to day. 

iCalendar $4.49
This app has become my best friend. A place to keep my rostered hours with a chosen colour of my choice. Easy to see and easy to note.Has loads of in app features to purchase also.

I love this app for setting alerts when needed. Syncs well with iCalendar also. I blogged about this app here

This is where I store all my music and downloads. I have a list of my favourite tunes for my ride or I go to my general playlist for a surprise and random shuffle.

I usually love reading hard copies but this app has made my luggage carrying so much easier. At the moment I am reading a series and I have found it super easy to just download the whole lot all in the one place.

This is my most favourite app for diarising little snippets throughout my day.

To keep me up to date with current time tables for all public transport.

Daily Steps
Keeps a tally of the steps i have taken throughout the day.

Words With Friends
A scrabble game to keep my mind thinking and active.

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