Monday, January 25, 2016


Summer break is nearly over as school heads back this week. Insert sad face. This will be my last year as a school mum as my youngest heads in to complete the Higher School certificate. Miss B has just landed in Melbourne for a little relaxation and fun with her cousins before she heads back to school on Friday. 

Time to get the routine happening and to schedule your time wisely. I would like to share a few tips on how to transition into the week with a little ease. This time of year can cause overwhelm in many as they head back to or start school for the very first time.

It is important to plan ahead and schedule all that needs to be done in the day and weeks ahead. 

Stay on a regular routine

It is imperative you listen to your body and rest when you can. Your body functions best on 6-8 hours sleep, so try and stick to a regular sleep pattern of going to bed and rising at the same time each day. 


Rest is a must and super important. Follow the signs your body offers and take the time to get lost in the things you love to do. In order to perform at our very best we need to take the time to nurture our bodies to do what we enjoy most when the time persists.

Try not to over plan

Schedule your days with all that needs to be added allowing time to have some 'ME TIME' daily. Try not to overbook or plan too much in your day. If you do, add it on to the next list. There is only 24 hours in a day and use that time wisely without over doing it.


The weekend is the perfect time to plan the week ahead. Sit yourself down with a coffee or glass of wine and schedule out your week in a lovely planner. If possible plan the weeks meals, create the grocery list and that you have freshly laundered and ironed clothes, so that you are not rushing around during the week.

Tackle the hardest/longest tasks first

When work comes along tackle the things that will take up most of your time first and then finish your day with smaller tasks so as not too be overloaded at the end of the day.

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