Tuesday, January 19, 2016


New year has begun which means time to refresh and renew, which means having a few beauty resolutions to add to your everyday. We all have our very own beauty routine and it is important to audit, refresh and clean every so often. The beginning of the year is the perfect time -

Compile a beauty audit
Put your hands up if you have beauty products that you no longer use or do not like!! Me i have my hand up. I do tend to clear out and clean up when I purchase new products but sometimes there are the items that I place in the 'I may use again, but never do pile'. This is the perfect time to toss refresh and find something new to try. Al products have use-by dates - just like in your pantry they need to be placed in the trash. Go through all your beauty products and use up what you can before they expire. Try a new shampoo and conditioner ... it is always good for you hair to mix up the products you use.

Clean your make up brushes
Did you know that your brushes can be a haven of bacteria, so it ti important to wash and/or replace every 4 weeks. Rinse your brushes in warm water with your regular facial cleanser. pat dry and let air dry in a place where the sun shines. I place mine on my kitchen bench just above the sink.

Remove your makeup every night
I cannot go to bed without removing the days makeup. Your skin needs to be clean and refreshed before bed to unclog pores. The convenience of make up wipes make taking off the days grime and make up super easy. I like to follow after with Micellar water as this tends to remove the final traces and refreshes the skin before your nightly moisturiser. There is nothing better than clean healthy skin.

Wear sunscreen everyday
Be sure to place sunscreen before your make-up everyday to keep skin safe from the harmful rays of the sun. Also take the time every so often to check your skin for different lumps and blemishes and if concerned get them checked by your GP. I love to use City Block by Clinique.

Try something new
Okay, I have to admit I have started to become a little bit of a beauty junkie, now that we have access to the new array of makeup and beauty products with Mecca and Sephora opening their doors. I like to try something new and Mecca is my favourite place to go as they give you samples to try so you know the product is right for you before you commit to the purchase. They also have specialists on board to hel you find the product to suit your skin and your needs and wants.

Are there any resolutions that you would like to add?

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