Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Accessories add finesse to your style, why not style your most used accessory? 
The ultimate accessory is the one you cannot leave home without, the one accessory that is the most frequently used everyday. Most of us love fashionable pieces, something that  gets our senses excited. So, why not, style the piece we use most....Our phones. I have an iPhone , which I presume most of us do. I moved to Apple just before my eldest daughter started high school and I do not think I will change anytime in the near future.

Although the iPhones are just super stylish just the way they are, they need protecting. If you love to see the colour of your phone then purchase clear covers. Otherwise choose one to suit your lifestyle. Me I love pretty, so I just love the Kerrie Hess designs available at The Dairy. This place is my go to place for stylish phone cases.

Do you style your mobile/cell phone?

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