Tuesday, December 1, 2015


There are a few items that I am not a huge fan of shopping for and one of them used to be shorts. I remember when I was a teenager - I hated my legs - I hated the exposure - I was not a fan of baring my legs much at all. A little ironic I guess as my school dress was short and yet I was not comfortable wearing shorts. 
NOW I love shorts - I love a printed short. I have changed and I have quite a collection in my wardrobe. As long as they are not overly short shorts ...... I wear them and love wearing them. Call it maturity or call it feeling comfortable in my own skin. I am on the other side of 40 and I often think if others can wear shorts then i can get away with it too .... cellulite and all. I am often told what great legs I have which has encouraged me to wear shorts. But I am fussy, you see ..... I like quality and they need to be tailored and comfortable.

My favourite places to shop for shorts are Country Road, Cue, Forever New, Review and Witchery along with a few other selected stores. If they are not tailored then I like a print with a soft fabric.

Wear those shorts but shop around to find the perfect pair just for you.

To shop for the perfect pair for you :

Choose a length that is right for you
Spend the time trying on different lengths until you find a pair that you love. If showcasing your legs is not for you then choose a longer style the sit on the knee or just above. If legs are one of your favourite features the choose a shorter style that you will love to wear and feel comfortable in.

Balance your silhouette
If your shorts are more fitted and shorter choose a loose soft top. I love tucking in a little at the front and left loose over my backside to showcase a slimmer shape.

If the shorts are longer and streamlined the choose a more fitted top and wear tucked in or wear a buttoned shirt tucked in or do the half tuck.

Choose the right shoe
Add an interesting aspect to your look with a specific shoe for the occasion. Sneakers, sandals, wedges, ballet flats and flip flops can all feature well with shorts. For a dressy occasion choose a wedge or heeled sandal to lengthen your legs. For a casual laid back affair wear sneakers or flip flops. There are also plenty of dressy flat sandals and flats for those that are not a huge fan of heels.

Be sure to take the time to find a pair and style you love and will love to wear and if you love them that much then buy a few in different colours to keep you stylish all summer long.

Go for it, wear them and feel fabulous .... trust me .... it will be worth it. If you love them and feel great .... do it!!

Looking for shorts K-Mart has some amazing chambray ones for just $10.00

Do you wear shorts or are you too self conscious to wear them?

Do you love shorts? Then go for it and find a pair that you will love to wear!

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