Monday, November 2, 2015


Back in March was one of the hardest and most challenging months of my life. My mother just turned 66 years a week after moving into 'the lodge' as we like to call it. Let me take you back with a little history of my dear and wonderful mother. 

Mum was badly injured in a car accident when she was 14, all other members of the car accident escaped basically unscathed, but not my mother. Mum was trapped and had to be cut out of the wreckage. Mum had to learn to walk, write and talk all over again. my mum my poor mum! It saddens me to this day that my mother had to endure all of this at such a young age.

Long story short my mother met my father at a young age through her brothers and they hit it off amazingly well and were married. Mum fell pregnant with me at 19 years of age, had my sister at 21 and my brother 4 years later, while losing another daughter, Jodie, 2 years earlier. Jodie was not ready for this world and only lasted 48 hours. 

We travelled and moved a lot in our younger years and Mum ended up in Sydney with me to move into her own little apartment, where she stayed for 14 years. As my mother has gotten older her abilities are not strong as they used to be and over the last few years mum has had a few falls where she has gotten back up and moved about with care and consideration until February where is was thought that mum had had a seizure and she was whisked off to hospital. Thank goodness that at that time Mum's regular cleaner who was there when it happened.

Mum was in hospital for around 3 weeks and the staff at the hospital where amazing and helped us all decide that Mum was to be moved into a care facility where we could trust that if something happened she was looked after. The process took a long time after loads of paper work and a few discussions with Mum, doctors, social worker we were on our way to getting mum on the move. Which worked out well as the facility was not far from where she was living previously and the community she had around here was still there. Also very close to me. It was a WIN WIN situation.

We had the care for Mum and she was in familiar territory. It took my sister, brother and I a while to come to terms with this happening to our mother who had always been so independent and lived a happy life just the way she wanted. It was an emotional rollercoaster with Mum's brother and sister helping with loads of things from appointments, travel and the big move.

Given mums age and abilities she was placed into a low care facility and I was in talks with a counsellor to help me through this transition period that rocked my world. While making sure Mum was okay with the move and by the end of the 3 week hospital stay and a visit to the facility she was happy and new that she would be looked after and that she did not have to be scared about falling and having no-one around, thank goodness.

In the process I became Mum's legal guardian and was the one to get all the paper work signed and sent off as well as anything else that needed to be done. (As I am typing this I come to realisation that although Mum is great within her mind and she is responsible for most actions in her life there is a little part of me that wants to cry as I am now caring for my mother) My wonderful mother whom gave birth to four amazing children and raised us mostly on her own - what an amazing job she has done. Mum is wonderful and so loving, caring and considerate and I am happy that she is now happy and has wonderful interaction with the other members and staff at the 'lodge'.

Vicki x

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