Friday, November 20, 2015


The last week has been quite an emotional rollercoaster for me. Firstly I have a job! YAY! After months and months of searching and going for interviews I have finally been picked and believe it or not I will be working with a brand I know and love so well. 

The interview was just like any other interview I was selling myself to the best of my ability and then, right there, int he interview I was told that they would love to hire me. I stated that I have been putting myself out there for so long and I could not believe my ears. After being old no so many times I guess you build a thick skin and just presume that you are not the one. I have always gone in putting my best self forward and hoping and wanting the position I was applying for ........ but I guess, it was meant to be that way as I have gained employment with a company that was my ultimate choice in the retail field. All the paperwork is being processed at the moment and I am literally walking on a cloud, still in disbelief, that I have a job. I will fill you all in with more detail later.

On another spectacular and happy note I am a super proud Mumma, well I am always but ..... My youngest daughter has her P's and has a car and is driving everywhere. As a non driver I am so proud of my baby girl and all that she has achieved. Talking being a proud mumma I am also super proud of my eldest whom has been working her job as an early childhood educator for a year now and is continually being praised and credited for how amazing she is by her boss and colleagues. Super happy that my big girl has found just where she should be in and to be happy doing so. 

I have another wedding today in Cronulla. My niece is getting married and I am so looking forward to having a fab time celebrating and catching up with family.

I have to bring up the attacks on Paris, how sad and how scary that the world is int this predicament because there are haters out there killing innocent people. Stay safe people and stay aware and vigilant in all that you do. Be happy and spend your life creating memories for everyone to cherish. Do not hold back live your life just the way you like to and follow your dreams.

Well now time for the links, sorry it has been a huge week and I have had plenty to share.

A little note from a Parisian blogger Garance Dore.

I am not muslim but I feel disheartened that so many people tarnish the one faith, country with the same brush. We are all people wanting the same things for a happy life and we all each deserve to live together in harmony. The are not the ones that cause the hatred on the world, they are a minority, just like murderers, rapists, sex offenders.... the list could go on. This blog post from Sasha at Inked In Colour will get you thinking.

I just had to share this delightful recipe of a Raspberry and Ricotta Cake from Pip.

Keeping this short and sweet today, this is what you may have missed out on this week -

If you are looking for a special place to take your little ones this year for Christmas then I highly recommend the MYER GIFTORIUM

I love adding a little time for me during a busy working day I shared 7 tips you can add a little luxury to your day. Do you make time for you in your busy day?

I just love a good summer dress and today I shared what I wore from SEED

Looking for gift inspiration - I have shared a few little surprises I would love under my tree with my Christmas wish list

Happy Weekend Lovelies and thank you for stopping by. 

Vicki x

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