Monday, November 23, 2015


This time of year everyone is looking forward to the christmas break, a month to go and 2016 will be knocking. People tend to be a little overwhelmed at this time of year, with what is on their list to complete all that is ahead, as well crossing of their gift lists, so tensions can be a little higher than normal. It pays to be a little kinder and extra patient to all.

Kindness is something I am very passionate about. It is super easy to be KIND. You never know it but a simple kind gesture can make a person feel better. A kind gesture can go a long way. You never realise the power you have to help make someone feel better by showing a little kindness.

There simple little ways you can show kindness in your everyday. 

ONE - Leave little notes in your loved ones lunch boxes, on their bed or somewhere they can see them. I love sharing positive quotes and nice words with my daughters. They have a few sticky notes stuck on their mirrors. 

TWO - Smile, yes a simple little smile can go along way. When I am out and about and I connect with a passer by I smile. Yes occasionally I may not receive a smile back but that os okay with me because I know I offered and they choose not to smile back - their loss not mine.

THREE - A simple please and thank you goes a long way. Please and thank you are simple words that can meant the world as you feel appreciated for what you do or about to do. Your welcome is also another way to be kind. Simple words that mean a great deal.

FOUR - Listen with intent and offer advice in a positive way. Everyone has problems and having a little positivity no matter what the situation can brighten someones day and offer a different perspective.

FIVE - A simple gesture like a hug, or kind words go a long way. Last week my youngest daughter had a little gathering at a local McDonalds after an exam for a new friends birthday. This friend could not believe how kind that people can be. 

This lovely girl Miss C started at my daughters school at the end of last term after being at a school where she was on a scholarship but was not happy ...... WHY! you may ask ....... this lovely young lady was bullied. Thank goodness she spoke up about it and her father changed schools. This young lady also lost her mother a short time ago. Miss C stated to Miss B (my daughter) that she was so happy and could not believe how the Year 11 groups at school show kindness and look after each other no matter what group they belong to. This made me so happy and so proud. 

Being kind always matters and it is super easy to do.

How do you add a little kindness in your day?

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