Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Time is precious and making the most of everyday is super important.Fitting in a little time just for you is more important than ever as people are working longer hours. It can be easy to add little bursts of time for Y O U. All you have to do is manage and schedule your time well in between those allocated tasks that take up your time daily.

I am an early riser and although I work from home I schedule my day to spend 9 to 5 in front of the computer getting all that I have to do completed. Then when my daughter gets home from school we spend time chatting about our day and then we go about our afternoon with homework and so forth.

Make time for YOU 

I am an early riser and I enjoy taking my time int he morning to just sit and be with my first cup of coffee. In this time I listen/watch the news, check facebook and instagram. Take a quick read of my favourite blogs depending on the time I have available. Taking this time is super important for me to ease myself into the day ahead focusing on what is head on my list.

Have a plan

Create a to-do list on what you would like to achieve for the day ahead. It can always be good to prioritise the harder items at the top to get them out of the way leaving room for lighter tasks at the end of the day. Crossing off your to do list is a way to give satisfaction to yourself and lift your spirits to get through the working day.

Arrive early

I am a stickler for being early and cannot handle being late. If I need to be somewhere I will arrive there at least half an hour or an hour before hand. Arriving early gives you time to tune in on what lays ahead with your schedule. A chance to plan and reiterate what needs to be done and when.

Wear your best

I have a closet full of clothes with pieces I just love to wear. Pieces I feel great in and which I feel confident wearing. If you are confident then you in turn feel good and will find yourself to be more productive. Looking and feeling great will enhance your mood which allows you to be happier and that can rub off on others too. There are so many gorgeous clothes that just sit there as we save for special occasions ..... don't ....... wear them! 

Be positive

Compliment a colleague or a passerby, you will make a difference in their day and you yourself will in turn feel good. If you are thinking it say it and make someones day even better.

Take a break

Even if it as your desk - take a deep breath and hold for a few seconds and release. Take a little walk. Sit somewhere away from your desk and release and relax.

Give yourself a reward

At the end of the day reward yourself with a little treat. Put your feet up and relax. If you are on a commute listen to your favourite tunes, read a book/magazine/blog. At the end of a busy week by yourself a treat ... a candle, a favourite chocolate bar, a glass of wine or champagne. Reward yourself for all that you have accomplished.

All of these tips will make your day happier and brighter.

Is there anything you would like to add to the list?

What is your favourite way to add a little luxury to your day or week?

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