Monday, November 30, 2015


The season to giving gifts is upon us. I love giving gifts and I tend to place a lot of thought into them. Have you ever considered taking a step back and think long and hard about your life, where you are at and making yourself a better person. I am constantly looking at ways that I can make myself a better person in so many aspects of my life. My life is changing and only for the better. It is my time to get out and enjoy and to be the best ME I can possibly be.I would like to encourage you all to embrace the wonderful individual you are and live your best life.

Take notice of the words by Marilyn Monroe - 'Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.' Be you! People will love who you are you just need to be a little more confident and get out there. I find it really hard to get out and mingle as i am really shy but others may see it as snobbery but I can insure you it is not. I would love to make friends and get to know others.

You are creative in your own way. Use your imagination and follow those instincts to follow your heart and your dreams.

Everyone has a talent and something to share. Be open minded and embrace those differences in people as you never know what you can learn and learn to love.

The lovely Lisa Messenger says this often and recommends to fail fast. Embrace those failures and learn from them. If you have an idea then 'go for it' You never know where the idea can take you.

Encourage others to let them know you love what they do. Leave high praise where ever you are and where ever you go. You never know how you can make someone feel. So encouragement with kind words can go along way. This will lift your spirits too.

Fill your mind with good thoughts and they will come to fruition. It may take a while but having an abundance of positivity can be fulfilling in so many ways. Leaving you with a healthy mindset for a life of abundance.

Enjoy your ride while you are there in that situation. Take time to think and relish the moment to store it away in your memory bank to come to the forefront when required. At the moment I am relishing in the memories of my beautiful daughters when they were little and reminiscing on all those little moments that were joyful and happy. Be grateful that you are where you are and you have what you have everyday. 

Look after you with nourishment from learning. Nourish your mind body and soul. There is always something to learn from all that cross your path. I love to learn. It doesn't necessarily mean putting pen to paper or completing assessments, learning is everywhere you just have to open your eyes and take it all in. I am an advocate for healthy eating and I encourage my daughters to do so everyday. Health is important. Nourishment for the body is crucial for life. 

Never give up! Do underestimate your power of getting through those tough times. There is always hope at the end of darkness. There is brightness around you all the time you just need to realise that and find it. 

It is not wise to complain about something that you can actually fix. Take action and do the best you can. I have been looking for a little job for awhile now and over the last few months I have had plenty of interviews with no prospect. After feeling really low and down I pushed through and continued looking .... you know what .... I did it. I got a yes and I am so happy and I am know employed with a company that I love and it is exactly where I wanted to be. I did it!!

You know what know that I think I about I actually wrote down where I wanted to be and a few weeks later it happened the power of the mind and the written word is amazing.

These 7 words have a power all their own. If you want a better life .... then you have to be that change and move forward to see a better life for all. The power starts with you. Give and you will receive. In this world of terrorism it is scary, but we can NOT let them rule our lives and we do not need to take on any anger that they like to provoke within us and the world. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Live the life you were meant to live and be the difference that encourages love, happiness. Give thanks to all that you have and encourage others to lead a life of happiness.

Life is short and we all need to look after each other. As I was writing this piece I kept thinking of those who are sick and one example is the lovely Julia Watson. (Five Fairies and a Fella)I have been watching how she is always smiling that beautiful smile, loving her family just that little bit more and encouraging others. This lady is simply beautiful and I encourage you all to embrace her smile and live the life you were meant to live. This lady just lights up my day everyday.

You never know how you can effect others so put your best self forward and give yourself these gifts.

Vicki x

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