Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Hello and happy Tuesday to you. I confess I am a massive procrastinator and I feel it is stopping me from being where I need to be and from achieving all that I should be everyday. I nominate myself as the procrastination queen - HELP - I need to schedule my day and stick to it. I have downloaded apps to help me along the way.

Hmmm if I thought about all the time I procrastinated I could have accomplished all on my to do list, or at least most of it.

1. Set your self a list of goals by making a list of what you would like to achieve for that day in the morning.  

2. Allocate and appropriate amount of time to complete each task.

3. Do not leave what you are doing until that task is complete, If you have an unavoidable reason for stopping then go back straight after to complete that set task.

4. Start creating new habits and they will become the new normal.

5. Continually think about how you can complete the task more efficiently.

6. Break down larger tasks with smaller easier steps and cross off each step as completed.

7. Think about how good it feels when you can cross that task off. A sense of accomplishment makes for a brighter and happier day ahead or an easier tomorrow.

8. Try and block the distractions. 

9. Reward yourself as you complete each set task.

10. Do your best everyday.

I will also be applying the 52 and 17 minute rule to my everyday tasks. Thank you Carly at Smaggle for pointing this out to me.

Carly also has some fabulous tips of her own with 5 ways to stop wasting time.

Are you a procrastinator?

How do you overcome that hump in your day and get on with the tasks ahead?

Vicki x

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