Tuesday, October 20, 2015


All fashionistas love shopping and value every piece of clothing they own, no matter what the value. I always take pride in my purchases and look after each piece as though I had spent hundreds of dollars even if I haven't. Clothes are an investment and they deserve to be well looked after, don't you think?

1. Should I hang or fold?
Think carefully about each piece and what is the best way to store each piece. Most of the time all knits should be folded to prevent stretching or malformation. 

2. Only wash when dirty
I tend to only wash my clothes when dirty. If they are not dirty or smelly then I will re-hang and wear again.

3. Wash in cold water
I have always washed in cold water. Most clothing labels washing instructions will tell you to wash in cold water. washing in cold water helps to prevent colour fade and bleeding, saves energy as well.

4. Wash delicate clothes by hand
It is important to wash the delicate clothes carefully by hand. Or you can do what I do I place the delicates in a wash bag and place them on a delicate cycle in my front loader.

5. Separate Colours
Always separate colours. Keep the whites and colours separate when washing as colours will run into the whites. 

6. Attend to stains asap
Always attend to spillages as soon as you can so they do not soak into the fibres making removal harder.

7.Watch wear you sit
Important to prevent snagging of material.

8. Read the labels
When unsure about how an item should be washed read the labels and follow the guidelines.

Do you have any special tips that you have learnt or use everyday?

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