Thursday, October 1, 2015


I often get told that my bag is heavy. I am one of those ladies that like to carry items for just in case. I carry all the essentials that I need on a daily basis but may never use on any particular day. It is important for me to keep all the little bits and pieces in my life organised. I keep all my things organised in little zip cases. I have an irrational fear that if I do not have something that I carry all the time and I do not have it I will need it.

Oroton Handabag - this handbag is my favourite go to everyday handbag at the moment. The perfect style and size to carry everyday.

Witchery pouches - I bought these three pack bags.I am currently using the denim one for makeup at home and the smaller gold one which has my essential lipsticks and concealer pack for touch ups throughout the day. I will go into that in detail with a fresh post soon. The smaller burgundy one contains my portable charger, earphones and phone cord.

Mimco pouches - The pink one, which I need to update, stores all my coins. I do not like have a bulging wallet full of coins so I place them all in this pouch. The grey one holds my ventolin puffer, panadol and nurofen. I am a asthma and a migraine sufferer so these are necessary to be with me everyday.

Then loose in my bag I have handcreams and sanitisers, tissues, pawpaw ointment, sunglasses, chanel powder, mints and a pen.

This oroton wallet is the perfect size for me with ample space to store all those cards that we need.

I like being organised and have easy access to all things I need stored in pouches.

I do not know about you but I am a little curious and like taking a look into other peoples handbags and I am really fascinated by those of you who can get by carrying small bags with hardly anything in them. I bow down to you!

How do you keep all your items in your handbag?

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