Thursday, October 15, 2015


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Being a mum to two young children is when your bag is taken over with stuff for nappy changes and clothes for the little ones. Guin says she laughed when she pulled everything out of her bag and says I guess this is why I have lovely big bags, as I am carrying for me, my newborn baby, Bessie, and my 3 year old Sophie.

I always need my wallet, phone, perfume, sunnies, make up as well as carrying a good quality unscented hand cream which doubles as a face moisturiser. If I am working I like to have my notebook, a pen (or 5) and a USB!

Foe Bessie I take wipes, nappies and nappy bags, a change of clothes, a hat and a wrap which doubles as a light blanket, spew rag and a change mat.

For Soph I always have a change of clothes, a hat, sunscreen, water, a spare clip, sunnies and paw paw ointment, that stuff fixes everything.

Thank you Guin for sharing with us. 

You can view what is in my bag here

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