Monday, October 12, 2015


This article 'How to avoid being a back in my day parent' got me thinking as to why so many refer back to this. Life is evolving and moving on. I have to say that both my parents did and do not complain how life has evolved and how life is based on the technologies of life. I say embrace it and share with the older generation. Spend time with them and teach them how to use these devices so they too can enjoy these little pleasures that we love so much.

That was their life, we had ours, let the new generation have theirs without placing the new era 'under arrest' it can be a learning curve for many, but ever so important for all generations to embrace, learn and to enjoy. Some may not be interested, but hose who are want to learn and we should teach them.

I find the 'back in my day' term can be a story telling fiasco or it can be a degradation of the here and now. Why place the here and now under so much scrutiny when this is life as we know it to be and our children are growing up in this life and some are scrutinising it too much. Let people enjoy life as it is .... to live the best life with what is here and now.

I often refer back to this life as a privilege at how lucky we are to be here at this time occasionally referencing how life was when I was a child both with happy references and story telling. That is the way it should be, I think. Happy times for all generations past, present and in the future. Embrace life for what it is and love every minute.

To teach the fundamentals of life, to be happy, eat healthy and get outdoors without complaining on how it was 'back in the day.'

How does the term 'back in my day' make you feel? 

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