Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I have a confession to make. I do not journal but would really love to start. I have attempted so many times, only to stop. I like the idea of recording memories for myself and my family to read over when the need arises. A place to write my though processes and life at that moment. I am a real visual person so photos or pictures would make that journal stand out and appeal to me. Now I just need to commit and the let the thoughts flow into words on paper. I have tried the digital form as well but there is nothing better than your own handwriting. I think I know what my problem is, I am super fussy and a perfectionist. My handwriting is not good enough. But I know I need to get off my high horse and as that famous NIKE tagline states - 'just do it!!'

Journaling will hep me in so many ways with my thoughts as I think them. I often think I will remember the thought at a particular time, only to forget it. Although I have started placing them in my notes on my phone.

Journaling to me can be a little overwhelming with the fact with overthinking things to much as to what to write and if it worth putting pen to paper. But small steps will offer the insight to document what you think and know is important.

I set myself a to high of a standard and think that this may be silly or irrelevant, so then I stop after a day or two and look  at the journal thinking that I should continue but the do not and here I go all over again.

I need to just write and not overthink my writing and just get on with it, no matter what I have to say.

Just start simple and get on with it even if it is only a few tomes a week. I know i will be happier and that it will improve my writing and thoughts as well.

I would love a journal with a creative side as well decorating without thinking that I ma too lame to do so and move on knowing that I will appreciate it all in the future.

If I can keep onto for 21 days then I should be able to continue as it takes that amount of time to form a habit.

A journal can be anything that is written or picturesque that does not have to include day to day accounts off you life. To me I would rather my journal to be my thoughts at particular stages throughout my life.

I love quotes so instead of writing I can just place an inspirational quote, a poem or lyrics to a favourite song, a photograph, a doodle or a pic from a magazine that inspired me.

I know I will, in the end be happy with the end product so I join me as I begin again.

Do you journal?

Where is you favourite place to purchase your stationary and/or journal?

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