Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Spring has sprung with new season styles and looks to add a spring to your step and shake the winter vibe off to refresh and renew. Do you stand at your wardrobe and struggle to find inspiration on what to wear? Hands up, Yes, that is me! I have nothing to wear I feel uninspired with pieces I already have sitting in my wardrobe.

I hear you and to get myself out of a wardrobe slump I take time to peruse magazines, pinterest or the hashtag #everydaystyle, to gather inspiration and you will be surprised at how many times I have gone to my wardrobe with fresh open eyes. A new combination or a new way to style something I already own.

The best way to fix a frumpy time is to not think too hard, as this can waver our open mind and limit what ideas we have already thought of. 

So do refresh your look it is time to de-clutter and toss out all the items you no longer wear or you feel look good on you.

Keep all those items you love and think how you can restyle them with the new season ahead.

Choose a signature look and stick with it. I love blazers and ankle skimming jeans at the moment. a classic preppy style that I know looks good.

Work your wardrobe basics Add a blazer over a basic tee and jeans. A tee with a midi skirt. Sneakers with a dress. There are so many ways to work your basics to style a look that is yours.

Stick to colours that you love and make you feel good and you will smile and this will in turn lift your spirits and you will beam.

Choose textures that feel and look good Quality fabrics are important. If something is itchy or feels uncomfortable then you will spend the day fidgeting and you will not be at your best.

Always wear a piece that you love At the moment I love wearing blazers. I am looking to purchase a few more to enhance mu look for spring.

Work in an on trend piece to keep your look current. Add something unexpected

Choose a statement piece A necklace a scarf or a coloured pair of flats anything that will up your style and you feel comfortable wearing.

Have a few quality pieces Shoes and bags are with spending a little more on as the are accessories you can wear everyday and add a touch of sophistication to your look.

What pieces do you have in your closet that you just love to wear and feel fabulous in?

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