Friday, September 18, 2015


My youngest daughter had her last Year 11 preliminary exam yesterday in preparation for starting Year 12 next year. It was over two years ago that my eldest was in the same boat. Exams can be challenging for everyone no matter the age or circumstance. Both daughters are completely different in their study habits. I have always stated to my daughters 'to just do their best' as a mother that is all you can ever hope for. There are enough pressures everyday for teenagers and adding to the stress and pushing them to do what they cannot is not me. I tend to leave them to their own devices when it comes to homework and study in knowing that they will always complete each and every task on time and they have. 

I believe that is important for them to know their abilities and to nurture them in the way they only know how to, adding extra pressure is not going to hep them really as they may combust and break. In all reality no one has the right to add pressure to them as they do that all by themselves all of the time.

Everyone is different and unique. Within my daughters friends they all have their own techniques on how they study and what works for them. I have always suggested to my daughters that putting pen to paper and writing rather then typing is better for acknowledging what needs to be learnt, as you are physically thinking and writing at the same time. Miss B has been writing notes on speech cards and taking them with her to re read when she can. Others have been typing and then printing their notes. What ever works for them is best for them. Why change a good thing?

Stop comparing them to others. Celebrate them for who they are and what amazing humans they are. As I always state to my daughter's No one is youer than you. Comparison is the thief of joy. Why waste time comparing when you can celebrate their unique selves. Always try to better than you were the last time and continue to grow and learn everyday.

Stick with your values and alter them when needed or required, but never lose sight of yourself and where you would like to go and would like to be in the near and extended future.

If something is not working then alter it so it will work for you. Create habits that help you to achieve the best you.

We all complain and think we could have done better, but seriously wallowing is not going to get you anywhere except make you feel worse than you should. You cannot change what has happened but you can make it better. Push yourself to the best of your ability and revel in your own successes.

Chew Gum. It is a known fact that chewing gum helps concentration.

Any tips or suggestion that you would like to add for successful study?

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