Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Create a cool and deliberate undone look by half tucking in your button up shirt. I love styling my shirts a little differently for a different take on my every day style. This style is super easy to perfect and can add a different dimension and a little 'on trend' street style appeal.

How to do the half tuck?

1. Leave the last or last two buttons un done
2. Tuck in the button half of the shirt
3. Pull the tucked fabric out a little so the shirt is not taught against the better the looser the better for a more casual street style appeal.

Look 1. Sarah Harris shows us a different way to perfect double denim.

Look 2. Pandora Sykes style perfection with a striped button shirt and cut off jeans with strappy flats.

Does the half tuck appeal to you?
Will you try the half tuck for a different way to style your button up shirt?

V x

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