Monday, August 10, 2015


It can be very overwhelming and intimidating attending large functions as a blogger. I have attended a few not so large events of recent only to feel very overwhelmed and thinking to myself that I need to get over myself and make a stand to introduce myself. 

I may come across standoffish but please understand that is just me being too scared to step out of my comfort zone. I get stuck and find it hard to strike up conversation and make that first step. So please wherever and whenever you see me please come and say Hi. I will be very happy to say hi back and welcome you with open arms. 

I am a hugger and if I read your blog I feel, in some ways we have already connected but just not face to face. I have always been super shy and introverted but once i am comfortable and the initial meet is done and dusted I hope to be friends for life. 

Although I cannot make it to pro-blogger this year I will be there in spirit and live vicariously through your instagram and facebook feeds and later on your blogs. 

Feel free to introduce yourself on my facebook page. I would like to share a few tips on how to 'shine'. 

Believe in yourself
No one can believe in you unless you believe in yourself first. I have learnt that people are not as judgmental as we believe them to be. It is our own perception that lets us think that way. So believe in yourself and shine!

Take care of yourself
Last weekend I spent time with some wonderful ladies exploring my very own city and although I was unwell I was invigorated by the sunshine and the fresh beautiful sunny air that enveloped us. All the walking and fresh air helped me feel energised and happy to keep going. It is important to eat healthy and spend time out in the great outdoors exercising for better vitality to progress through the days, weeks and months ahead. Always listen to your body and follow your gut when something is not right. Know who you are and how your body works. Respect all the little things that your body does for you everyday.

Accentuate your strengths
We are all good at something. So focus on your strengths to help emphasise just how fabulous you really are. Focus on the good in you and let those thoughts rise above any negativity you are feeling inside. 

Let go of negative influences
Negative influencers have the ability to drag us down, but do not let them. Focus your thoughts on the positive and ignore the negative. It can be hard but try to turn the negative naysayers into a positive by listening to the friends, family and readers that offer you feedback that makes you feel great and worth while.

Do not let obstacles stand in your way
This can be easier than it sounds. Having huge obstacles in front of us can be hard to break down, but if you take them step by step and focus on them piece by piece you will get there. Just break down those barriers and keep going.

Be yourself always
As I always say to my girls that famous Dr Seuss quote, 
Today you are you, 
that is truer than true.
There is no one alive, 
who is YOUER than YOU.
Why would you want to be anyone else when you are super special wonderful YOU? Stay true to yourself and do not let anyone or anything stand in your way. 

Accept praise
I find it really hard to accept praise but how good is it when someone leaves a comment or sends a note to say how great they think you are? Accept the praise and let it uplift you to move on with happiness and pride. You deserve it always.

Be true to yourself
As bloggers we are constantly thinking and coming up with ideas so listen to yourself and write them down no matter how silly you may think they are you never know who you may influence to make there day brighter. 

Listen to yourself and strive to be the best you there can be. Shine ! Shine Shine!

Have an awesome time at pro-blogger and let yourself SHINE!  

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