Monday, July 6, 2015


I am a super proud niece. My wonderful Aunty who has travelled the world since I can remember has released her first book. "That Green Italian Wagon". This book is filled with heartwarming moments of family, friends while travelling Europe and UK. A perfect instalment of places to visit while planning your own international travels. Readers have been quoted saying that they had wished they had read That Green Italian Wagon before embarking on their own travels.

LM Selby has launched her debut romance novel." A little Sex and the City meets Friends with a touch of Madmen" as quoted by the author. This book shares family tales of travel across Europe. The protagonist Wanda reflects on a tough childhood in Sydney, a failed marriage, a successful corporate career along with some super saucy romantic encounters. 

The intrigue of life's moments begins in Rome where Wanda and her children set about finding their much loved car, providing an enchanting avenue for Wanda's love of places, people, music and life. 

Once settled in Holland, Wanda takes a ski trip to Austria where she meets the tall dark and handsome Medwin, whom decides to join her in Holland as his love for Wanda runs deep, however, leaving his young son in Austria which tears him apart. Momentarily introducing Hug & Fug portrayed through Wanda's inner voices. Where romance ensues, will this hot and steamy romance last?

Read as the story embarks on the trials and tribulations of romance, travelling tales with a real family touch as Wanda embarks on an adventure with her teenage children, while offering them a fresh start after a failed marriage.

Reviews - 

"Reminds me of adventures I had travelling around Europe in a favourite car. Passionate love affairs are in my story too."

"Hug & Fug made me realise what I had lost but do not want with anyone else, since my partner died."

'That Green Italian Wagon' is available now at Milk & Ivy Boutique. You may purchase your own copy or share the passion filled adventure with your closest family and friends. 

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