Friday, July 3, 2015


If you follow me along on facebook you will know that I had a scared mumma moment yesterday. My precious eldest daughter was followed on her way to work yesterday. At the moment Miss R is staying in Rozelle with her boyfriend. Miss R has been catching the bus from Rozelle, which stops very close to where she needs to be. 

Yesterday morning Miss R's regular bus was running a little later than usual, this is the time that we usually have a little morning chat via text as she is commuting. She was a little anxious as she was not sure she would make it to work on time, but she did. I did not receive a text to say that she was safely at work, but I did not think anything much as she was running late. Out of normality Miss R texts me on her morning tea break, which at first I did not think too much into, but this was a little unusual and I had a feeling in my gut, so I asked how she was and she text me back to state that she was followed on her way to work. But in her wise thinking and sense she realised and detoured a different way and lost the person that was following her. I asked how did she realise and she stated 'that no one ever walks that close to you'. I suggested that he may have been after her handbag but she did not feel that was the case. I immediately rang her father and he met her after work. I also later in the day received a call from J (Miss R's boyfriend) saying that he was on his way to meet her after work. I am so blessed that my daughter has this wonderful boy in her life, he is super caring and they work so well together.

As I have found out the whole story this creep had started talking to her at Rozelle and then boarded the same bus. Miss R sat behind the bus driver as he continued talking to her and she ignored him all the way until she got off ready to start her day as an early childhood educator. He also got off and continued following her walking really close. She detoured and went to work.

A few tips for you to always consider is to -

BE AWARE be aware of your surroundings and let instinct flow. 

USE YOUR GUT INSTINCT Intuition is a powerful thing and if you have a feeling follow that through to stay safe at all times.

THINK STRATEGY What can I do? Where can I go? Always think quickly and objectively. Walks into a safe have, or as my daughter did take a detour.

SCREAM +  SHOUT when you become really scared use your voice. 

KEEP MOBILE PHONE IN HAND always have your phone ready to dial in an emergency.

SHOUT KICK AND SCREAM if compromised. 

We can all be complacent but in reality we need to be cautious and aware of our surroundings everyday and follow our instincts.

Please be vigilant ladies and remember to be aware at all times. You never know when a creep is nearby.

What tips do you have to offer for personal safety?

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