Thursday, July 16, 2015


When I think about how close I am to 50 I do cringe but not in a bad a way a good way thinking that 50 is middle age and that I am so close now, it is real. But 50 is not middle aged anymore it is an agile age for many that can aspire their style and dreams no matter what. and even more so than ever. Aren't we lucky to be where we are today to inspire and share our own little stylish ways? 

I have to say that my style has evolved and that I am happy with who I am and how I look (well most of the time). I have learned to appreciate my health and happiness a little more, as well as all the things my body can do for me and I am loving life. 

Once you know yourself and are happy in your own skin you can achieve so much happiness. Although I am still critical with myself lots I believe that a positive mantra you will shine with confidence and poise. Love yourself for who you are and appreciate how well your amazing body has served you to where you are today. 

Ever since Nikki from Styling You started the hashtag #everydaystyle I have been in awe on how people respond and leave positive comments to let the stylish ladies in on how fabulous they look.

Tips I have learnt -

Identify your style by knowing what you love and what suits you. 

Try to be less judgmental on yourself and love the skin you are in. 

If you have a positive out look your thought processes will change.

You will not be as critical on yourself if you love what you wear.

Most of stand tall and like Oscar de la Renta quoted -

'walk like you have three men walking behind you'

A few months back the lovely Monique who blogs over at The Urban Mum tagged me in her first #everydaystyle photo stating that I, little me, inspired her. Thank you Monique. x

It is worth your while as you never know who you may inspire and help them to take a little time for them and make themselves feel better by sharing your #everydaystyle

Have you been sharing your #everydaystyle on instagram or facebook?

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