Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Leggings are a favourite option for many when the cooler weather arrives, easy to wear and comfort chic when styled appropriately. Personally I think leggings are an essential for every closet, BUT you have to know how to style them without revealing every little crease of your being. I find the thicker ponte style work well with a better fit and look. Ponte is a double knit fabric which is thicker with stretch for comfort. Better quality than other forms of legging material.

Remember leggings are not pants!

Choose thicker fabrics (like ponte) as they tend not to emphasise the bulges. 

Wear them with longer line tops -

1. Long button down shirts adding a belt to cinch in the waist

2. Longer tops with blazer or long line cardigan or jacket. The sleeveless coat is a perfect added layer this season.

3. Layering is key, if you think of leggings as tights rather than pants then wear them accordingly under skirts, tunics or dresses. Ankle skimming styles are perfect for this.

4. Wear longer line tops, knits, jackets which can help camouflage the stomach and derriere.

5. Wear with flats, boots or heels or the trend of the season sneakers.

Are their any super stylish tips that you can add on how to wear leggings?

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