Monday, June 22, 2015


Friday I was sitting on the plane ready to fly to Melbourne with mixed emotions of travelling without my girls Miss R + Miss B. My eldest was at work and youngest at school and although they are old enough to look after themselves I still feel the major pull at the heart string and feel a little guilty on leaving them for a whole weekend. Well guess what they survived. They both had a fabulous weekend together ordering takeaway and going to the movies.


But as many have been telling me for a long time I need to follow my heart and take that leap out of my comfort zone and go for it. Life is for living and accomplishing those little milestones that we would never normally consider doing.

You know what people are so lovely and so accommodating to make you feel comfortable, but I still have a little inferior complex that I am always being judged for something and get a little taken aback and overwhelmed in meeting new people. 

I was overwhelmed and wanted to connect with loads more bloggers than I did. But I held myself back and stuck within my comfort zone with some wonderful ladies that I feel so privileged to have connected with. 

The Kidspot voices for 2015 Breakfast sponsored by Garnier provided me with new insight to extraordinary people. Listening to how and why they started was so inspirational and to know that they are superstars in their own right. These lovely ladies are just like ourselves with a little celebrity status attached to them. 

Next we moved onto the mastercalss which was a haven of information from brilliant people. you can read most of went with a brilliant read up here.

I am so happy that I was able to go and meet so many fabulous and extraordinary people. 

Would I go again? Yes I will. Although all was quite overwhelming for me I had a great time and came home feeling I had taken the next step to making my blogging dream come true.

Step out of your comfort zone and follow your dreams. X

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