Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Having discussions with my daughters on and off over the years telling them to be happy with who they are and their bodies often falls on deaf ears. But then I remember when I was a teenager and I always found something about myself that I was not happy with? To be honest I never really had those thoughts until I was in Year 8 or Year 9, as my body transitioned from a girl to a young lady. I was not happy with myself as I had put on a substantial amount of weight and I was not happy at all. But now that I think about it, everyone loved me for me not how much weight I put on or how I looked. How you perceive yourself is not how others truly see you. But unfortunately we cannot control how we think until maturity sets in and you get over those obstacles to try and live happy and healthily.

I know that we all wish that we had a perfect body, but what is perfect..... I mean really perfect. Perfect is what we perceive as perfect, isn't it? Even those gorgeous super models have inferior complexes that we do not really know about unless they express themselves and then we cringe and think what the .... they are perfect. But every ones sense of perfection is different to another. 

We cannot all be the same, can we? How unfortunate would that be if we were all the same. Being YOU-tiful is what we should be. Being ourselves and becoming better at something than is more important then wishing or wanting to be somebody we cannot is more important.

We all want to change something about ourselves, but why? Why can't we all be happy with who we are? A quote I often say to my daughters is from Dr Seuss. As I start to say it they often finish but young people do not have the maturity to understand the full impact of those words, do they? They are to busy thinking I wish this or I wish that. We need to educate our children that being themselves is the most important aspect of life.

What is perfect, anyway? We all have our own perceptions as to what is perfect and honestly, no one is perfect. We all have our faults and we all have our imperfections. Remember that -

You are wonderful just the way you are. 

It is important for us to be more aware of what our body can do everyday and how it carries us from place to place each day.

Try not to let your weight, looks or shape keep you from your everyday. Go out and enjoy life doing what you love.

Choose comfortable clothes that you feel and look good in.

Be grateful that you are alive to enjoy the day ahead, everyday.

Find something you enjoy to do and make that a regular part of your day.

Life is to short to worry about hating what you believe to be your imperfections.

Take notice of your body and eat when hungry, rest when needed.

Surround yourself with happy positive people. Negative people can bring us down.

Most of all be YOURSELF and be HAPPY you are here to enjoy this life.

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