Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I awoke with a sore throat yesterday morning and as the day progressed my symptoms have worsened. My sinuses are blocked and are the most annoying part as I am not a huge fan of not being able to breathe. I ran a few errands and bought some cold and flu tablets which only masked the symptoms and then five hours later I had a Lemsip hot drink which worked well and helped me have energy to do this blog post and get dinner ready.

Rest as much as you can when your body is showing signs that it is having trouble coping , stop what you are doing and rest.

Drink plenty of fluids like water and vitamin C enriched drinks.

Have a hot bath the steam can help assist the and drain the congestion that has built up.

Eat a healthy diet with fruit and vegetables which contain natural vitamins and minerals needed for recovery. 

Lemsip is one formula I have when sick as it is comforting as most hot drinks are. Lemsip contains paracetamol to help with relieving the symptoms associated with colds and flus. I am not a huge fan of promoting medicated formulas but this one seems to offer the most relief for me.

Wash hands all the time to avoid contamination to taps and anything that can spread the sickness to others in the family. I also wipe over things with a disinfectant.

Most importantly look after YOU.

How do you like to relieve your symptoms when you are sick with a cold or flu?

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