Friday, June 5, 2015


To me it is important to have a welcoming fragrance as you enter my home. I am a stickler for cleanliness and a beautiful fragrance just adds a touch of glam and class to my home. There is something really pleasing when family and friends enter your home stating that they comment as to what that lovely fragrance is. 

I recently bought lilies with a supermarket shop and they have this most fabulous scent that just lingers throughout. I also have one cut with a shorter stem in my ensuite - just lovely. To add a little aroma through the air I burn my favourite subtle Tahaa Glasshouse Candle. The fragrance is soft and gentle without being to overpowering. I tend to stick to the more softer fragrances as, being a migraine sufferer, certain smells can irritate and trigger a migraine.

3 ways I add a signature fragrance to my home -

- Light a scented candle at some point throughout the day and let burn for a few hours. I like to burn mine in the morning as the fragrance lingers throughout the day.

- Buy strong scented flowers and make them last by adding fresh water every few days and trim the stems on an angle as this helps the flower drink in more.

- I like to mop my floors with a lovely scented pine-o-kleen disinfectant in the lavender. 

How do you like to add a lovely welcoming scent to your home?

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