Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I am sure I am not the first or the last to feel that I am not good enough and I am darn sure I will not be the last. I know I am good enough but some days there are periods where I feel I am getting no where in my personal endeavours and I need to realise that I can do it. I tell my daughters constantly that they are good enough and to always do their best in every situation so I need to take notice of my own words and get on with it.

I would like to share a few tips on how I deal with the not good enough vibes -

Remember that where you are now is where you need to be
This is where I need to be right now for me to achieve all that I would like to. Although I may be taking longer than some to achieve all that I would like to - I do believe I will get there all be it e v e n t u a l l y. You need to believe in yourself and not to give up.

Remember that everything will come together
There will be a time where you will think back and remember all that hard work paid off. All that pain that you have gone through is making you who you are today. You learn from that pain to move on and become stronger and continue to grow as life continues on.

Stop resisting, opposing or withstanding and get on with it.
I am a procrastinator and this does stop me from achieving all that I would like. I sit here and anticipate all that I need to do with only crossing a few items of my list and not doing all that should. 

Remember nobody is doing better than you because no body can do better than you.
We need to stop comparing ourselves with others, and I am huge at comparing, but I need to start running my own race and deal with insecurity head on and realise I am doing the best I can breaking my own limits and living my best life.

Try to turn the negative thinking around and realise where you are at and be grateful for all that you have and where you are today.

I will be printing off these two quotes so I can see them everyday. Time to get real perspective and do it. 

What tips do you offer when you feel you are not good enough?

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