Monday, May 18, 2015


Happy Monday lovelies. A new week to start fresh and think about how you store your bras. I do not ideally have this stunning arrangement but I do store my brassieres like this, Do you?

I fell in love with this idea a while back when I found this image on pinterest. I have been storing my bras this way ever since. The perfect way to store and protect them from being damaged. I have to admit I do not have a collection like above. I am a lover of cotton fabrics with a few selected pretty pieces. I am on the lookout for a few pretty pieces that I will love to wear regularly. I am sure many of you have pretty pieces, it is super important to take care of your delicate smalls.

Brassieres should be stored carefully with backs fastened so they do not hook each other and cause damage. If you store them inside each other neatly with all the moulds perfectly rounded and fit them into each other.

You should always wash your delicates in a wash bag (or a pillowcase) so clips do not get caught on other items which may snag, pierce or fray another article of clothing when in the wash.

While organising your draw toss out any you no longer wear or the unwearable pieces as they are just cluttering up space that can be used.

When shopping for smalls

Know what you need before heading to the boutique - it is recommended that you have three everyday bras of seamless and smooth cups, two that match your skin tone (nude) that you can wear under sheer or pale coloured tops/dresses.

A black bra for under dark clothing.

A lacy or embellished bra for special occasions.

A strapless for all your strapless clothing.

How do you store your bras?

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