Friday, April 24, 2015


I went for an interview this week for a retail job in the city, which I was unsuccessful in getting as I was not experienced enough. Understandable and which brings me to how do us Mother's who would like to get back into the workforce succeed in doing so. It is so bloody hard. I have been looking for some casual work for over a year now to no success and yes it is getting me down. I will continue to look and build my skills. 

I had quite an enthusiastic and heated discussion with my youngest daughter and how she has been trying to find employment so she can save for a car. She does not want one to be purchased for her unless she can contribute as well and that just leads me to how entirely independent she is at 16 years of age. Basically Miss B should not be working as school is paramount not burnout.

Anyway how is it possible for a 46 year old to find a stable income when she just keeps getting knocked back. I have a huge passion for running my own business and continuing with my blog but would like to have a little outlet where I can gain income for me and my girls.

Do not get me wrong I am doing ok, but I would love to find a little stepping stone to employment being in the retail field and interacting with clientele a few days a week. I love helping them to find and choose products they love to enhance their lives. A time to leave the past behind and keep looking forward.

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