Friday, April 17, 2015


I have been on a slow but sure mission de-cluttering my home room by room. First on my list is my closet. I have been shopping a frenzy with new autumn/winter purchases. I feel the need to remove things I have not and probably will not wear again. I had a few pair of jeans that I had not worn for awhile, so I distressed them myself.

First up I had a pair of skinny keg jeans from Zara that I was ready to toss but thought I would try a few slits near the knee area.

Next were a pair of Lee Cooper jeans that I were just sitting in my closet - perfect with a little distressing and I added 2 slits across the knee area. 

My tip - 

Make sure you have something between the legs so as not to rip or cut through to the back of the legs.

I find running the blade of the scissors over the area gently in a line over and over will distress the fabric to place the pointy end of the scissors in enough ti cut across to the width I preferred. Similar to the tear detail jeans at Country Road. 

Do you own a pair of distressed jeans?

Are you keen to design your own?

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